Hedman has the ability to turn defense into offense in two ways.

Rivers cut Ingles with the hope that no other team would claim him off waivers. They thought they could sneak him through the league, Rivers admitted, by letting him go during a time few would see the transaction.

Reassured by a second playoff berth and a series win, Hayward could simply re-sign with the Jazz for a long-term deal, allowing Utah to run it back and try to stay on an upward path. With young players like Alec Burks, Rodney Hood, Trey Lyles, Dante Exum, and Gobert still improving, the future would be bright.

But if Hayward leaves, a gaping hole in Utah’s offense opens up. The Jazz could end up right back in no man’s land.

This is all drama for another day. The Jazz are still quite alive, though the mighty Warriors intend to squash any hope Utah holds of going deeper into the playoffs. The Jazz are great, but the Warriors are incredible, and few believe Utah can or will win this series.、

There is such a smoothness to his game that his best plays are often overlooked because he makes it look extremely easy. With his stride he tracks down forwards and knocks the puck away. Despite being the size of a small house he isn’t going to make a lot of highlight reel hits, preferring to use his positioning and long reach to disrupt passes and set up a quick transition.

Speaking of transition, Hedman has the ability to turn defense into offense in two ways. First he has the ability to skate the puck out on his own. He is much faster down the ice than Wholesale Jerseys NFL his size should allow. Especially when on the power play he seems to casually weave his way from one zone to the next to set up offensive opportunities.

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