NBA franchise in Mexico isn’t on the horizon but is a midseason tournament?

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is in favor of an NBA franchise in Mexico City, but he might have to settle for a midseason tournament. As the NBA continues to brainstorm ways to make regular-season games for exciting throughout the 82-game grind, NBA commissioner Adam Silver hinted Saturday of more games south of the border. “He’s […]

NBA trade rumors: Jabari Parker’s injury history leaves Bucks with limited options to improve roster

When new general manager Jon Horst was introduced in Milwaukee a little more than a week ago, there was one face in the crowd of particular interest: forward Jabari Parker. Horst is taking over a Bucks operation that had a breakthrough last year around budding star Giannis Antetokounmpo, winning 42 games for its best record […]

somebody owed Kaepernick an “I’m sorry” about how casually his reputation was being dragged through the mud.

For an organization that had spent at least three years burning bridges at an alarming rate, Lynch’s handling of the most volatile subject in front of them is a long-overdue positive. If nothing else, somebody owed Kaepernick an “I’m sorry” about how casually his reputation was being dragged through the mud. It wasn’t necessarily the […]

Joe Mixon among 40 rookies to participate in NFLPA ‘premiere’

The NFL players union isn’t shying away from controversial Bengals draft pick Joe Mixon. In fact, Mixon will be among 40 players expected to attend the NFLPA’s “Rookie Premiere” later this week in Los Angeles, the union announced Monday. The Bengals’ selection of Mixon was roundly Cheap Jerseys NCAA criticized because he punched a woman […]

Colby Rasmus: MLB doesn’t ‘necessarily like long hair and the redneck folks’

Colby Rasmus signed a one-year deal worth $5 million with the Rays on Monday, but he doesn’t seem too happy about MLB in general. The mercurial outfielder, known best for his long hair and occasional home runs, had some interesting thoughts on MLB’s attitude toward players like him. “You know how the game is,” Rasmus […]

Lazar had a really good attitude while spending his time in Binghamton.

Trubisky isn’t a perfect prospect, but he’s well-rounded compared to the rest of this year’s draft class, except for maybe Deshaun Watson. Watson thought he should have been selected before Trubisky. “You’re gonna have to live with the consequences that come with it,” Watson said Tuesday on NFL Network’s Good Morning Football. Watson had more […]