the Nationals lost out to the Cubs in attempting to pry All-Star Wade Davis from the Royals in a trade.

Major League Baseball, long a leading opponent to sports betting, is considering loosening its hard stance on the issue in the name of regulating a multibillion dollar industry that operates largely unchecked. Such a change would represent a significant shift for MLB, which through its history has been wracked by a number of high-profile betting […]

Colby Rasmus: MLB doesn’t ‘necessarily like long hair and the redneck folks’

Colby Rasmus signed a one-year deal worth $5 million with the Rays on Monday, but he doesn’t seem too happy about MLB in general. The mercurial outfielder, known best for his long hair and occasional home runs, had some interesting thoughts on MLB’s attitude toward players like him. “You know how the game is,” Rasmus […]

Hanzal’s 39 points were less than both those players had in their walk-years

At Chuck Fletcher’s end-of-year press conference, he was asked if he had any regrets over the trade. Despite the results, Fletcher was immediately dismissive of the notion there was anything to regret. “Oh, gosh, no,” were his exact words. And yet, there’s very little chance Minnesota will retain Hanzal’s services Cheap NFL Jerseys China into […]

Lazar had a really good attitude while spending his time in Binghamton.

Trubisky isn’t a perfect prospect, but he’s well-rounded compared to the rest of this year’s draft class, except for maybe Deshaun Watson. Watson thought he should have been selected before Trubisky. “You’re gonna have to live with the consequences that come with it,” Watson said Tuesday on NFL Network’s Good Morning Football. Watson had more […]